Hazel English – Off My Mind

Australian singer-songwriter Hazel English has announced her debut album. Wake UP! will be released on April 24 via Polyvinyl Record Co./Marathon Artists. To accompany this news English has shared a new track and video, “Off My Mind”.

Crisp production allows for the sheer prettiness of English’s melodic structure to shine through. A fondness for classic pop composition comes to the fore. However, this is no backward facing romanticizing of the past. Using conventional layering of keys, snare, and jangling guitars, allows for surprising progression and a contemporary focus on the issues at hand.

The issues at hand reveal Hazel English as addressing her internal responses to external pressures. Yes, this is the stuff of all songwriters – but here English balances blame; absorbing the realities of life against her own abilities to digest the discomforts of it all. Her craving, it seems, is for a proportional reaction; a feeling that is in check with the weight of the world.

Vocally, English has an ability to turn lines like “…to tell you how I really feel, but…” or “I know that it’s not okay, but…” into hypnotic devices. Again, tribute to the production’s sensibility is that voice seems to sit above all other concerns. Hazel English is in pursuit of clarity, and through this endeavor she lands on authenticity. What better way is there to lead a debut?



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