Hinds – The Club

Hinds are back. The Madrid-based garage-rock outfit have a new album on the near horizon. I Don’t Run is a the follow-up to their excellently executed, perfectly hyped debut, Leave Me Alone. We recently heard the first track from the upcoming release, and now it has a video. “The Club” builds on what we’d have  expected to hear from a band that captured our hearts with their hooky approach to craft. This stuff is playful, catchy, cool.

With a vocal track that’s a little fuzzier around the edges than anything on their last album, “The Club” captures the grizzled energy of club-life pretty well. But the straight-to-beat-and-bass approach of building a track intro remains. The guitar-based hook jangles into your toes. We could say ‘business as usual’ for Hinds, but there’s a freshness here that suggests the new album won’t rest on the accomplishments of the first. The quartet remains eager to push forward and prove why they’re deserving of airplay.

With a title like “The Club” and lyrics that detail the previous nights exploits of what happened under the cover of darkness, you’d be forgiven for thinking the tone would be more nocturnal, sedate, or sordid. But no. It’s like Hinds can’t help themselves from pouring light into process. Is this an anthem for the “walk of shame?” well, perhaps – but Hinds are thankfully beyond shame. This is liberating.

The video, directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, places the band on snowmobiles, in playgrounds (where they spent most of their days) and playing the track  a la Beatles in Help! There’s something about the chemistry of Hinds that captures the fun of working your ass off with your friends. “The Club” video plays as much like an advert for joining a band and making rock music as it does a piece of art to carry tunes to screen.  The energy the band portrays is the good kind. Togetherness, support, and good times – even in the bad times. This is what friendship can look like.

Having just played no less than fourteen gigs at SXSW Hinds are sharing a clear indicator that they’re back, and they mean it. A band known for putting in the extra yard are coming at us full-tilt. It’s great. It’s good to have them back.


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