HOLY – all these worlds are yours

HOLY, the brainchild of Swedish artist Hannes Ferm, makes a welcome return to our ears with the title track of his upcoming album, “all these worlds are yours”. The album will be released on January 26th 2018 via PNKSLM Recordings, and this tune is a seductive promise of what’s to come in the new year.

At almost nine minutes long this track is indicative of Ferm’s approach to things. There is no urgency to impress, or to cajole an idea into the expectations of an audience. There is no real regard for soliciting radio play. Ferm has this idea, and he drops conventional packaging, and all the constraints of polite society to explore what he means when he says, “all these worlds are yours”. It’s not a small claim, and the journey goes a long way toward convincing you that he means it.

Taking it’s name from a book, “All These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search for Alien Life”, we can expect some oddness in the lyrical content of the album. Here some of that oddness is evidenced, but the aliens are more metaphorical – and so it’s metaphysics, not realities that are gently dismantled.

There are moments when the textures build toward fever. Opening the track is an explosion of energy – a figurative big bang – before the universe opens, and we drift though a deeply soothing balm of spaced out chords, and an almost gospel flavor in the easy chord progressions of sprawling psychedelia.

Layers build on layers. Some of the elements here; the bass-work and the swell of keys, sound like they belong on Bowie’s Warszawa, or in a rock opera from 1972, when concept albums were the currency that offered big interest in return for the investment of audiences. The melody echoes a classic era, and the confidence Ferm shows in his instrumental theme is rewarded – the phrasing here echoes long after the song ends. This stuff is infectious. It’s long, but we could tolerate more.

“all these worlds are yours” is a track that pulls together musical elements that we hope will be explored further on the album. We’re promised that other-worldly narrative will run across the ten tracks. It should be quite a ride.

For “all these worlds are yours” we aware HOLY the opportunity to rename any constellation of his choosing.



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