HOLY – Forget About Life

Today Hannes Ferm aka HOLY has released a new single. “Forget About Life” is the third release from his upcoming album, which will be released via PNKSLM in the spring of 2020. The track is accompanied by a video. Let’s talk about it for a bit.

We last spoke about HOLY around his all these worlds are yours album. That sequence of tunes was a sprawling, ambitious piece of work that described the artist’s perception of space and scale. Sonically, it was a lush album of sweeping vistas and unusual angles. Here though, looking toward the release of his third album Hannes appears to have further refined his sound. “Forget About Life” speaks volumes to what we can expect.

With Jacob Haage in the producer’s seat HOLY has leant hard against the synth. The scale is even larger than experienced on his sophomore album. If previous ambition was to explore outer space and distant worlds, here we feel like we’re traveling inwards. The electronic sweeps provide the bottomless sound that suited those pouting, somber disco boys of the late 80’s. The lights are popping but there is brooding, and the simplicity melodic phrasing makes for an easier route to the heart of the mood, which, like much of HOLY’s work occupies a paradox – the creative sentiment of the title.

Directed, shot and edited by Annie Hägg, the accompanying visual feels almost disposable and it’s all the more beautiful for the sense of the temporary. Beiged-out colors, natural forms shaped by elemental forces like the winds and tides. Hannes meanders around the landscape examining the evidence of time, the process of life and death. Oh, and there’s a horse.

Check out the video below, and follow the link for purchase options.


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