Iglooghost – Mei Mode

Iglooghost offers some sage advice for audiences listening to his new track “Mei Mode”. “When you listen to it, move your head really fast up and down and swing your arms everywhere. It makes it sound really cool.” And he isn’t wrong.

“Mei Mode” is a track lifted from one half of a dual EP, dropping this Wednesday. The twin EPS are called “Steel Mogu” and “Clear Tamei”. This track is wonderfully deranged. Pulled from a sequence of stories that detail a cross-temporal battle of gods, demi-gods and unusual monsters, the sound here is exactly as you wouldn’t expect. Wait. Maybe you would expect something like this if you’d been listening to Iglooghost’s 2017 album, Neō Wax Bloom. That album, which was delivered via Flying Lotus’ label, Brainfeeder, ignited interest in the twenty-year-old producer, and established him as an artist of enormous potential.

Here, in the now of “Mei Mode” dub-distortions, dropped beats, high-end scratches, and a blend of bizarre glitches bring the world to life. Iglooghost, aka Seamus Malliagh, further builds his reputation as one of the most innovative producers in his generation. The ambition here is nothing short of creating another world with it’s own lores, and logic, through which atmosphere is injected. This also may well be a document of some of those creatures losing their minds. It certainly feels like Iglooghost believes in his ability to alter consciousness through the exploration of sound.

It’s been a while since the world of EDM has produced an artist who can command this kind of reverence for process. Iglooghost pulls apart expectations of how dance music should behave, and he plays with the concept of risk. Just where is the tipping point of a beat or progression? Iglooghost fucks around with that concept quite nicely, and it’s great fun to listen as it unfolds.

With a string of dates that bounce Iglooghost from Europe to Asia, and back to his home of the UK, between now and the end of October, there are a few opportunities to get out and check the live set.




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