Jockstrap – Acid

Since the release of their 2018 album, Love is the Key to the City, we haven’t heard enough from the London duo, Jockstrap. Yes, there was the Taylor Skye remix of “I want another Affair” back in April of 2019 – but we’ve had to be patient for the avant-pop project of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye. Today the band have announced their signing to Warp Records, and shared a new track, “Acid”, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Individually, the two have been busy. Skye has developed a solo project; remixing the new album from Injury Reserve, and playing live keys for slowthai. Ellery appeared in the film, Bait, and performed the film’s soundtrack live at the British Film Institute with Gwenno. She also collaborated with Underworld on their DRIFT project.

But today, in the now… we’re talking about “Acid”. A single that gathers together all the elements we’d previously celebrated from Jockstrap.

Off-kilter, baroque progressions are as pretty as they are unhinged and surprising. Rhythmic keys, near-cheesy percussive elements, and Ellery’s tonally crisp vocals that are as beautiful as they are dark and glimmering.

Like previous releases, “Acid” places the expectation of the listener in the mix of meanings. All the applications of what ‘acid’ can be, can mean, and can effect, gently spiral. Definitions of behavior and thoughts are cataloged.

A Jockstrap song without a counter-undercurrent would hardly be a Jockstrap song, but here is a sentiment that appears almost without gripe. It’s a beautiful, celebratory passage that avoids nostalgia and spoon-fed saccharine of conventional pop.

Ellery sings of “trust” and “all the words” before addressing that we’ll do what we have to do to sustain the dynamic of things.

“Acid” is an intimate, heartfelt song that pulls together the best of our expectations and then delivers. We’re told that there’s more to come from Jockstrap on Warp Records. So, that’s good. Very good.



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