Jockstrap – I Want Another Affair (Taylor Skye Remix)

Jockstrap released their debut Love Is The Key To The City EP in November of last year. It was a praiseworthy premiere that was led out by the sweltery single ‘I Want Another Affair’. Now, the London-based duo, made up of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, has returned with a set of remixes cheekily dubbed Lost My Key in the ❤️Club ❤️, done by Skye himself. Once again, ‘I Want Another Affair’ leads the way.

While going from the experimental pop meets sultry bossa nova of the original to club-ready banger, Skye shows both a firm hand and sense of delicacy. Hi-hats and kick drums speed forward after a noticeably warbly turn up in the intro. He lays down a steady, high-tempo base beat and once again Ellery’s Rita Lee-esque vocals take over. Yet, with all the tempo and mood shifts, Skye never loses the heart of ‘I Want Another Affair’.

You get the sense that the duo are just here for some fun, and that is exactly what any group of remixes with ‘club’ and two emoji hearts in the title should be. It’s all tongue chic, from the lounge-y piano to the undeniably on-point rap that follows. It all works and manages to give a whole new feeling to the music, something too often missed when delivering a bunch of remixes.

Ellery said about the Lost My Key in the ❤️Club ❤️ EP, “With the material on the mini-album being quite musically dense and organised, the second is relaxed: Taylor has teased out another side to the tracks and taken them where they want to go. It’s definitely more than a remix EP.”

There is something truly sexy about the duo letting their hair down, like the smartest kid in class getting drunk and killing it on the dancefloor by not taking themselves too seriously. The track also comes with a sensational new video.

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