Jonathan Bree – Valentine

I hope you’re miserable too because you deserve someone just as miserable as me – such is the theme of “Valentine” by Jonathan Bree. For everyone’s favorite Hallmark holliday, the composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer serves up beef heart tartare. The track is cold, cutting, and injects the kind of raw realism that everyone needs during these dark days of candied affection.

Let’s face it, we’re all a bunch of two-faced shit sippers, and Bree knows it. None of us want our ex-lovers to move on. Instead, let them pine in despair. And for those trodding through long relationships, don’t worry those exciting new lovers are soon to be just as cynical as you.

The cold lyrics are juxtaposed against a light, pink and gold arrangement with backup singers and sparkles. Warm, enchanting strings buoy Bree’s baritone, which manages to comfort all of those who continue to have doubts about all this saccharine gushy stuff.

“Valentine” is paired with a deliciously seasonal video, which appears to be inspired in equal parts by Hello Kitty and 1960s French Pop. In it, the masked man sings into his mic framed by two similarly costumed dancers and a light pink background with exploding tiny hearts that acts as the background.

So for all of you who are wondering if you should hit the singles bar and try to find the most desperate looking individual to take home, but are worried that you might be too good for them, it, or the entire experience… you’re not. And for those of you who elect to just stay home and fire off some knuckle children, don’t worry everyone else really is just as miserable as you.

Jonathan Bree’s forthcoming album, Sleepwalking, is due out May 4th via Lil Chief Records.



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