Jonathan Bree – Waiting On The Moment

Jonathan Bree is back with a new song and accompanying video. ‘Waiting on the Moment’ is the first new material we’ve heard from the Kiwi artist since his critically lauded Sleepwalking album.

Since June of 2018 Bree has been on the road. His stage show has drawn high praise from every quarter, making art from the simplest elements. Performance is dressed with costume, dancers, and (of course) masks. Magic is infused, somehow, through every aspect of delivery.

This new track, ‘Waiting on the Moment’ carries with it Bree’s shimmering and dark world view. Leaning in on a imagist poetry, and sharing a narrative of the broken hearted, Bree takes an excursion through the vacuous Karaoke bar which was once filled with love. “We used to be Kenny and Dolly” he sings, “Islands in the Stream”. The breakdown of a relation is refracted through memory, music, and the modern phenomenon of swiping left on experiences, or people we wish to reject.

The video, similar to the visuals from the Sleepwalking material, is simple, striking and effective. White, heavenly, and more melancholic ‘Waiting for the Moment’ carries a solemnity that previous material does not. Bree takes the director’s chair for this one, and he should be winning awards again, as he did for the ‘You’re so Cool’ video.

Bree is readying to tour Europe and North America. Check out the dates. Hearing old material with the momentum of new stuff being added is a welcome proposition.


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