Kasbo – Snow in Gothenburg

Swedish artist Kasbo has just shared the video for new track “Snow in Gothenburg”. This track, arriving on the heels of “Bleed it Out”, focuses light on the artist’s hometown. The perspective here feels more personal, more involved, and somehow more fitting in the artist’s natural range. It’s more confident; less showy, more emotionally adept.

Fans of the twenty-one year old artist will note a stepping up of game. The tempo here doesn’t stray beyond the familiar house beats that featured on previous offerings, but the tone, and the melancholic texture shows a deepening of vision. Sweeps of sadness, and a vocal track that’s been passed through the ‘angelic’ filter relay a set of bittersweet lyrics that go beyond the normal. This thing makes the air chill.

A collage of skies, snowscapes, trees, water, migratory birds, captures the odd emotion that snow brings. This is beautiful, this is sort of sad, this is also clean. “Something new / I can’t be….” is a line delivered as a half-completed thought; the verbalization of something abandoned, because in isolation there’s little point in talking. It’s a smart device.

The video may as well be an advert for the sense of touch. The tactile aspects of nature are explored every which way. Shadows play over sand and naked skin touches naked skin beneath cotton. At times we get almost too much of this visual poetry, but we never look away. And for all the intimacy on display, between a fingertips and the natural environment, this isn’t about connection – this is about loneliness, and being adrift in the familiar.

With the promise of new music arriving from Kasbo in 2018, “Snow in Gothenburg” stamps the end of this year with a mark of intention that even better is to follow. This seemingly light track carries with it the weight of something much deeper – and replays are rewarding.

For “Snow in Gothenburg” we award Kasbo one unique and individual snowflake.




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