Katerina – Nöpö (The White Cat)

It’s almost a straight shot from Sofia, Bulgaria – the city where Katerina hails from – to Helsinki, Finland – the metropolis where she now resides. They are separated by a distance of around 1,400 miles. Any trip between the two would take a traveler over or through the countries that once separated the West from the Soviet Union – Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. There, politics have collided for centuries. Currently, the region is experiencing somewhat of a new “cultural renaissance,” or new artistic dawn. Yet, tomorrow, the sun will rise almost two hours earlier in Helsinki than it will in Sofia. On ‘Nöpö (The White Cat)’, Katerina plays with light and time, slowly revealing a vast landscape seen from newly opened eyes.

‘Nöpö’ unfolds itself slowly. A steady pulsing heartbeat backs as Katerina fills the canvas with sparse flourishes. Then, high-end synth keys enter, and they wash the scene with soft light. Over the course of six minutes, Katerina seemingly reveals a wide day. The beats here are simple, the view broad.

Today, Katerina dropped her new EP Who Am I if I’m Not Me. The album is her follow-up to last year’s Just When You Thought It Was Over, and finds her switching labels, from Berlin’s Cómeme to Paris-based Tigersushi Records. On ‘Nopo’, Katerina finds the constant in change, and that broadens her palette.

‘Nöpö (The White Cat)’ has an intimate and innocent nature to it, like an individual who remains amazed by all the tiny blossoms the world continuously offers. It’s stunned by the simplicity of beauty. There is honesty in Katerina’s electronic creations, and that lends them, and her, authenticity.

Heraclitus spoke of life as flux and Keats of beauty as truth. The world between Sofia and Helsinki is changing. On ‘Nöpö (The White Cat)’, Katerina shows the beauty of a changing landscape.


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