Katie Dey – Dissolve

We are born alone. Before having the opportunity to defend ourselves we are given a name, a nationality, and in some cases a religious belief. We die alone, having passed through life with all of its distractions, collaborations, connections, and disappointments. Ultimately all of life is underpinned by loneliness. We die alone. We die alone. Alone. Katie Dey’s new single ‘Dissolve’ acknowledges the existential dread, and dares to couple longing with an examination of the compelling forces within ourselves.

“self loathing bouncin’ round like you’re a pinball wish i could find someone to see me under microscope sure i could look inside myself but i genuinely don’t know what my heart is for it’s getting hard to tell what the fuck is anything anymore.” Sings Dey on this track, lifted from her album Solipsisters. Her line is not so much of enquiry as confusion, or realization that confusion is key to the process of discovery. Anything worth pursuing will place in the way of harm, uncertainty, and position value in the bravery of breaking the normal cultural habits that are thrust upon us.

Katie Dey has a voice that comes directly for the center of a subject, and in that arrow-like direction she also hits audiences on target. Production here elevates her presence, shining the more experimental, melodic progressions beneath her. Beats glitch, synths pulse with vibration. Vocal tracks echo, deviate – spiral into beauty.

The video, directed by John TerEick and Dakota Sillyman is overwhelming. It captures the sense of everything being too much, too weird, too isolating. Trees breathe, Katie Dey is suspended in the ocean. She is half-buried. The beauty of this thing lies in its simplicity, but also in the framing of elemental aspects. Water, woods, earth. Katie Dey, singing from the soil is a poetic truth, and it’s wonderful.

Solipsiters is out now via Run For Cover Records.



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