Keith Top Of The Pops – If You Want Twee (You’ve Got It)

Keith Top Of The Pops And His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band, better known as Keith Top Of The Pops, and more easily remembered as KeithTOTP, recently shared a video for a new track. The track is from an upcoming album called Livin’ The Dream, which the producer/musician/songwriter promises will be released “When the vinyl arrives”.

KeithTOTP is an artist who understands a few things about craft. What he doesn’t know about craft he makes up for in his understanding of how audiences listen, and how they / we relate to music. His production work with bands like Art Brut achieves what so many other producers attempt and fail. He captures the energy between an artist’s larynx and the listening ear. He’s the kind of man that will shrug the next sentence off with a beery-belch, but here we go… KeithTOTP has a deep understanding of the relationship between music, culture, and the manner in which memories are formed. Urgh.

With his work, KeithTOTP toys with totems, dismantles the nonsense, and celebrates the qualities of urgency and enthusiasm that are corroded by the mainstream. And fuck, does he inspire. His voice, (not his singing voice, that can be a bit reedy at times) his artistic voice, has the gravity of process measured well. He pushes buttons with equal parts humor and seriousness – and in doing so he preserves what’s required to rock out.

“If you want twee (You Got It)” brings some of the best elements of KeithTOTP. He puts his wet finger up into the air, checks the direction of the wind, and comments on how shit’s going down. The song reads as much as an address to mainstream label execs, as it does an anthem for the frustrated kids, kicking themselves round the streets as they try and come up with enigmatic band names. With a chorus that rings “JUST FUCK OFF WITH YOUR UKULELE ORCHESTRA!” he straightens the rudders of hipster bands, and we have enough reason to pay top dollar for entry to any gig the man plays. How can you not want to sing along with this shit?

The video accompanying the track looks like KeithTOTP spent slightly less than a weekend drinking allowance. Face paint, a beautiful ballerina, a fish head, and a mannequin backing-singer in place of his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band are pretty much all you need. Bingo – you can spend the change on Baileys! There’s even a bit of choreography – so watch out.

We could bang on about “If You Want Twee…” a whole bunch more, but we’ve got other stuff to get on with. Keeping creative is something that KeithTOTP will understand. And we have to pitch him our idea of “” It’s a website which we’re building to monitor the mortality of the two remaining Beatles as they fight it out to the end.



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