Khruangbin – Evan Finds The Third Room

Not many music visuals will make you as happy as the video that Khruangbin have just shared. Accompanying the track “Evan Finds The Third Room” – one of the strongest tunes from their current album, Con Todo El Mundo, is treat that can filed under ‘joy’.  Let’s talk about the tune for a moment, and then watch the clip below.

Con Todo El Mundo is an album that does the business. The sophomore release from the Houston-based trio took a bold step beyond expectation laid down by their solid debut, The Universe Smiles At You. That first release made a clear intention of focusing on funk wherever it was found. It encouraged dance on every floor, and it was as beguiling as it is bold. The most recent collection of tunes raises the trajectory. Grooves get deeper, and hearts beat stronger.

The product of compulsive crate-divers, the sounds of Con Todo El Mundo displays the range of Khruangbin’s influences. A band that made no secret of it’s love for psychedelic funk from 1960’s and 70’s Thailand, have now added other elements to their mix. These are global references, middle-eastern, oriental, African vibes. Passion has gained greater substance – this stuff is love. Textures are richer, and the dynamic sequence of the album keeps things moving well. For all the rare cuts there’s no sense of Khruangbin projecting any dance floor elitism. The sense of inclusion, as the band invite listeners in, distinguishes Laura Lee, Mark Speer and Donald ‘DJ’ Johnson, as different to others in the scene. They don’t protect their rare knowledge from the uninitiated, they truly, deeply have one intention – everyone needs to dance… and here’s how.

TLDR: Want someone to dance with you? Play Khruangbin. Want loads of people to come to your party? Send your guestlist a link to “Evan Finds The Third Room”

The video accompanying “Evan Finds The Third Room” is one of the freshest breathes of air you’ll get all week. Perhaps all month. In brief – the best description of the piece comes from co-director Josh Kind; “We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don’t need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed.”

With a track that starts, and is measured by the word “Yes” it’s hard to find a more positive vibe. Get this on.


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