Kid Koala ft.Trixie Whitley – All For You

“You’ve taught me more than I could you”. A bottomless sense of scale, interpersonal dynamics, and purpose is measured well in ‘All for You’ – the first track from the upcoming Kid Koala album. Featuring Trixie Whitley the album is called Io, and it will be released via Arts and Crafts Records on January 25th 2019.

The second album in a sequence of ‘Music to Draw to…’ releases, and Kid Koala, aka Eric San, is continuing to work a seam of ambient sounds, more suggestive than explicit – more patient than pressing. We’re told that Io is informed by the story of the unwilling, mortal lover of Greek god Zeus – a device that reflects the current turbulence of the global psyche.

The ‘Music to Draw to…’ releases are a continuation of events, now in their tenth year that San hosts. Ambient, gently nurturing, mainly instrumental music and textures are played to audiences who were encouraged to draw, create, and simply make stuff in a shared environment.

Music to Draw to: Satellite featured the vocal talent of Emilíana Torrini across a number of tracks, and we’re told that Whitely appears on six of the 18 tracks of Io. San’s ambient, delicate, sprawling work is offered emotive shape by the inclusion of another striking voice. Weighing in at over seventy minutes, Io sounds like it will provide space for deeper meditations, and more thoroughly explored motivations.

Selecting ‘All for You’, as a lead track, is a smart move. Informed by the DNA of ‘Satellite’, but very quickly defined as a different creature – the bluesy voice of Whitley is grounding, human, upward-looking. The ethereal layers of tone, shape, and space that Kid Koala creates are familiar yet look toward a different aspect of the heavens to those previously explored.  This stuff is magical.

San has penned a sequence of lyrics that reveal a deepening poetic vision. He was never a slouch, but here – as mortal will is measured against godly desires, he manages to capture the weight of the enterprise without ever losing humanity, or heart.

There is much to look forward to.



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