******** – Kinderpunsch

There’s this band called ********, and they’re releasing their first and final full length album, which is called The Drink, in January 2018. The band is comprised of Ailie Ormston (who works in a kitchen) and Ω (one half of Edinburgh Leisure). The project, which was previously released on YouTube, is utterly grand. Ahead of releasing The Drink,  ******** have shared “Kinderpunsch”, a track that sits like the first hit of something that’s going to take a toll later in the night.

Opening with the chiming melody of “Wish You a Merry Christmas”, we don’t get beyond the first verse before the sound of a dirty drum machine that someone spilt bleach on comes in. Suddenly we’re in a new time zone. We could get really pretentious and use words like ‘vignette’ – because that’s what’s unfolding here. A weird urban detail that reflects the world through an oil-filled puddle.

Yes, this is a Christmas song, but it’s about a hyper-realized procession of events that get dropped like items of evidence in charges against the season. The indifference of a system to the people it manipulates is laughed at with perfect timing, and the vocal delivery that itemizes the ridiculousness of it all it just great. Aili Ormston has a voice that makes you pay attention to aspects of a process that others would guide you away from.  There’s humor that’s so pitch black it shines from within. Deep, deep, within.

The sound of this thing is great. If you’re into lo-fi, unrehearsed, dismantled tunes that are reassembled to bring the ‘now’ of a performance into the foreground – there’s really nothing better than this track. In fact, the whole project – the deliberately self-effacing approach to process – is just wonderful. Don’t try and win the game, redesign the board, steal the pieces, rethink what it means to really play.

As teaser tracks go, “Kinderpunsch” is a staggering piece of work. With a spiritual center that sits in Discordianism, ******** set this project as a truly beyond the norm. It’s an extraordinary piece of art, and the song is only a part of the entire game. Damn, this is refreshing.





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