Kyle Forester – Know What You’re Doing

On February 21 2020 Kyle Forester will release his second solo album, Hearts in Gardens. Today we hear the lead single, and opening track from that album. It’s called “Know What You’re Doing”.

Lyrically, Kyle Forester plays with soft paradoxes. The value is placed on knowledge, but he’s led by the “Feeling in your bones”, and intuitive wisdom appears to override everything. It’s pleasing stuff.

Instrumentally, the live-band feel is captured well. Atmospherically, the timbre is a low slanting sun. There’s a pastel crispness – now scorching solos, and nothing too cool. Every constituent part compliments the other, and remains low key.

Perhaps this is the most breezy song we’ve heard so far in 2020. Those familiar with Foresters work in Crystal Stilts will revel in the light melodic touches here. However, for all the ease and apparent familiarity, there is room for fresh and surprising moments. Progressions meander around the central theme. Softly poking against expectation to offer something previously unheard.

Despite the breeziness, there’s a kind of ache here. A quiet yearning in the process. Like looking at a photograph of cut flowers. The photograph is not the flowers, the flowers are most likely compost by now – and yet there’s a deep beauty that runs through the core of this joy/sad experience.



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