L.A. Witch – Brian

L.A. Witch’s “Brian” rings of Brian Jonestown Massacre circa Thank God for Mental Illness, making the title make all too much sense. Whether it is a direct nod to Anton Newcombe and co. or simply some individual named Brian – or nicknamed Brian – remains unknown to us, at least. Nonetheless, these three women who call Los Angeles home can certainly bring the rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

The fuzz of the amp, the brush of steel strings, echo-holic reverb, from the beginning “Brian” hypnotizes and demands. Then the drums kick in followed by a voice like a hot Hollywood daydream. It’s the kind of stingy rock ‘n’ roll that only gives when you do, the type once found in long-ago demolished cement and piss-stained bars that were frequented by Bukowski sorts with less luck. The song drips with the sweat of a fevered screenwriter. Lead singer Sade Sanchez sings “I’m out of my head / I’m out of your head,” and by the end you’ll find yourself underneath L.A. Witch’s boot heels.


L.A. Witch are a Los Angeles trio that will at one moment have you dreaming of Hollywood lights and future celebrity, and the next waking up from a blackout in a Valley one bedroom bungalow with a tripod and a video camera. The song will appear on their debut album out sometime later in 2017 via their new label Suicide Squeeze Records. As it says on their website, “L.A. is the land of sunshine, but it also harbors a certain kind of dangerous magic,” and L.A. Witch symbolize both.

“Brian” by L.A. Witch receives 7 out of 8 caught beer bottles which have been thrown at one’s head. We’re pretty sure they’d sling it back at you – and won’t miss – in case you’re wondering.


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