Launder – Annie Blue

A fuzzed out ray of sunshine bursts into pastels as “Annie Blue” by Launder moves from verse to chorus.  The motion is signaled by a slight pause. It’s a moment where things that once seemed to be black and white are suddenly filled with colors.

“Annie Blue” starts out as a hazy dream. A haunted voice filters through wavy guitar, there are the usual summer feels produced from this style of indie beach pop that have somewhat saturated the internet waves for the best few years, but just as you start to sink into a comfortable space, the track soars.

Launder – real name: John Cudlip – has a knack for writing choruses that make a piece of time standout. And on his new single, the artist is able to make something memorable out of the familiar. It’s like standing in the same place you recall from a family polaroid taken decades earlier and experiencing the past and present joy.

The track is able to maintain its presence throughout and produces enough energy to keep you both engaged and in awe. Nonetheless, there is something wistful in the air, and “Annie Blue” shines in its most laid back moments – like the pause just before the shining chorus.

“Annie Blue” is the second single off Launder’s forthcoming Pink Cloud EP, which features Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV on guitar, SoKo on vocals, and production from Day Wave. Back in January, Cudlip released the EP’s debut single “Fade”. The EP is due out March 23rd.

For its ability to stay present while reminding listeners of something old and familiar, we give 43 out of 47 sunny days at the beach.



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