Lightning Bug – October Song, pt. ii

‘October Song, pt. ii’ by Lightning Bug approaches like a coming season. The change is subtle and gradual, but it steadily gains energy. Additions are measured and textures are layered on top of an ethereal core, creating something that can be felt in the air. 

Lighting Bug is the project of New York’s Audrey Kang along with Kevin Copeland and Logan Miley. They released their debut full-length Floaters to crickets, leaving it on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but, as things with such quality often do, it didn’t remain a secret for long, and quickly became a hailed debut. After a two-plus year hiatus from recording, Lighting Bug returned in 2017 with a four-song EP entitled the torment of love. Now, Kang and company are preparing to release their sophomore LP, October Song. It is due out September 6th via Marbled Arm Records.

‘October Song, pt. ii’ is the first offering from the forthcoming record, and it emerges as if from a fog. Each piece unveils itself in front of listeners, seemingly one by one. Warbling keys set the tone between catchy and unnoticeable, as the track easily sinks in. Kang enters on a palette of pastels and lets her measured vocals carry into the void.

The song marks an artist who has come fully into their own, and has shaped an independent sound. Kang finds strength in subtlety, allowing craft to take center stage. ‘October Song, pt. ii’ slowly fills the entire landscape, and then leaves without making any sort of a hubbub. It is simply there in the air, and listeners know the change has come. 



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