Lightning Bug – Vision Scraps

Following the ethereal ‘October Song, pt. ii’ Lightning Bug returns with a decidedly grittier track from the upcoming sophomore album, October Song. ‘Vision Scraps’ is a track that underlines songwriter Audrey Kang’s focus on mood, not genre.

Smudging distinctions appears less of a conscious decision, and more the product of an intuitive writer that pursues the sense of a subject. With ‘Vision Scraps’ Lightning Bug lean into a shoegaze timbre, where space and depth inform a bottomless sound. Production, though, lends earth and lo-fi-esque textures. Distortion of guitars is transcendentally good. Perhaps in writing Kang started in one direction, but allowed the substance to alter her mind. Not a sign of weakness or lack of commitment to her goal, this approach carries the awareness of an artist who trusts the process, and honors the result.

Lyrically, Kang explores the process of becoming something other. What do we require from life? What to we see when we balance our needs against our wants? Are desire and drive as freeing as they are limiting? The maturity of Lightning Bug’s world view is refreshing. Solutions bring new questions; troughs follow peaks, and the process of experiencing the waves are key.

Pleasantly distorted and well proportioned at over four-minutes long, ‘Vision Scraps’ brings an expansive vision that promises to be expanded further on the upcoming album. The potential for Lightning Bug’s next step is not small. Stepping away from the relative anonymity of the debut album is also a sign of confidence and courage. It’s a good time.

October Song will be released on September 6th via Marbled Arm Records


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