Lisel – Digital Light Field

There’s a moment of dissolve around the edges of the synth-lead melody that shows the preferred filter of ‘Digital Light Field’. This new track from singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Eliza Bagg is the second song from upcoming album, Angels on the Slope. The album, released by Luminelle Recordings, is a debut for Bagg’s new project, Lisel.

Dissolving a synth bed with a touch of distortion is a deeply pleasing effect in the discussion of light, and the definition of particles and waves. Lisel plays with the shape of things, not by leaning in and fucking with her subject, but by angling her vision, projecting her own light, and acknowledging the process of looking – the thing that brings otherness, but also closeness between things.

On the one hand the tone set here, and on previous track, ‘Ciphers‘ is one of breezy, esoteric adult pop. Sweet, surprising melodies appear key to the heart of Bagg. Those familiar with her work as one half of Pavo Pavo will not be surprised by approach, but they will be refreshed by the scope and reach of the solo endeavor.

Here, in the producer’s seat Lisel displays an affection for the easy other-world of following personal codes, and subscribing to new personal standards. There’s as much exploration as there is discovery, as many questions as there are answers. It’s true, there is supreme confidence in the project, but there is also a sense of humility as Lisel “Spins away from everything….

Angels on the Slope is a grand title for an album that promises to feel out the limits, embark on personal explorations. July 26th is when it drops.



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