Lisel – Vanity

Despite modern society’s best efforts, life isn’t smooth. We value seamlessness: sleek automobiles and aerodynamic jets — and that’s to say nothing about what we’re willing to change in our own complexions. Still, life remains somewhat of a stumble. There is a beauty in this as well. On ‘Vanity’, Lisel embraces unevenness and finds value in oddities.

Lisel is the project of Los Angeles-based musician Eliza Bagg. ‘Vanity’ is the third single from Lisel’s forthcoming LP, Angels on the Slope, due out July 26th on Luminelle. On the track, Bagg deals with the dichotomous relationship between vanity and insecurity . In doing so, she delivers a track that uses unnatural elements to deliver something that feels truly real.

Speaking with Billboard about the song earlier this week, Bagg said, “This song is a reminder not to take myself too seriously — honestly, to keep it real. I find it necessary to call myself out on my own pretensions a little bit while also allowing myself to indulge in them, because I’ve always been drawn to somewhat far-fetched and fantastical things.” 

“I think it’s important to allow ourselves both, especially as artists and especially in today’s world: we’re caught in the internal struggle, our vanity on one side and insecurity on the other, Somehow we have space inside our heads to swing back and forth from immobilizing self-doubt and uncertainty to a starry-eyed self-indulgence that allows us to think we’re magical and special, that maybe we could be the one to make something beautiful, majestic.” 

“The song points its finger right at me to ask if I really think we’re all ‘one of a kind,’ so much so that we can wave away any frustrations or suspicions that the world isn’t actually built for ‘our ways.’ Maybe in doing so we fall down some rabbit holes, bury ourselves in our own heads, close ourselves off.”

As much as we’d like it to be, life isn’t as graceful or easy as we’d like it to seem. But on ‘Vanity’, Lisel shows the beauty in life’s tumult.



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