Loft – and departt from mono games

Corroded memory and altered perceptions cut through the core of ‘and departt from the mono games’ – a new EP from artist/producer Loft.

Released via Tri Angle Records this sequence chops, rolls, refracts through a bunch of moods and movements. Each with significant intent, each with deviated sense of self. The surrealist angles, the hyper real beats, are playful, serious, dark and illuminating. it’s great stuff.

Loft herself – Aya Sinclair – notes that the tunes assembled here are the product of insecurity, or uncertainty. Written during a time of identity crisis. Oddly though she performs that alchemy of making the ineffable into some material which still cannot be described.

Beats spiral off-kilter, synths break their own intention with discord and tonal breaks. Nothing is predictable, which isn’t to say they’re difficult to love. These four tracks are nothing but lovable. Simultaneously, these four tracks are nothing but challenging. These tracks are nothing but unique.

The rewards from a release like and departt from the mono games, emerge from the first listen, and become more striking with each replay. It’s not easy to sustain the surprising nature of creation but that’s exactly what Loft achieves.

If these tracks were produced during an identity crisis, whatever comes next is incredibly interesting. With this release Loft has set a trajectory that’s unique, unforced, and highly compelling.

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