Lost Film – Between Melting & Freezing

Lost Film is the project moniker of Jim Hewitt. His latest release is called Between Melting and Freezing, and it’s available via Utility Tapes.

Utility Tapes delivers cassette format music from a diverse range of artists whose unifying approach is a minimalist aesthetic. Lost Film is a project that exemplifies the ethos of the Sheffield (UK) label. If you’re looking to explore some of the best of what’s available in the underground, this is the project, and this is the label.

Across the four tracks of Between Melting and Freezing, Hewitt delivers an intimate, lo-fi sequence that offers textured substance and misty otherness.

Recorded with the intention of being demos for his 2019 album, Zero Summer, the contents of this collection carry with them a sense of the raw. Opening track “Confess” is preserved here in its demo version, and it’s a real high point.

Layered guitar-pop hooks jangle and cascade, drum-machines lend tin structures, and Hewitt’s vocal tracks wash through like mist. The vague, esoteric content of lyrical content draws in the listening ear. Offering an emotive sense of things is the focus. Clarity would remove the magical undertow of a track like “Where You Are”.

Hewitt’s finger-picking of electric guitars shares insight into his fondness for melodic sustain. And there’s a post-punk sensibility, where hooks can snag like barbs, but they’re delivered with incredible tenderness. Minimalism does not mean a lack of substance or removal of complex responses.

The effect of a track like “Baseball”, with its low-sample of a TV broadcast, gains power as it wakes you, ear-worming at 3 a.m.

Between Melting and Freezing is a clear reference to the magical point between two defined conditions. The sequence here is populated with meanings and myriad interpretations that could go either way. And that’s what makes it all so magical. The quiet sense of awe that Lost Film expresses in the quiet moments is as meditative as it is active. Truly magical stuff.


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