Lumen Craft – Stranger

“I deal with what’s in the past by looking to the future.” Here we go then. Lumen Craft, the Brazilian electro-pop trio return with a forward facing manifesto for the new year. ‘Stranger’, the new single, is a signal of intent that dances itself onto the floor.

Fans of the São Paulo band know the kind of groove to expect from Ceah Pagotto, John Evans and Noah Guper. There’s an efficiency in the way Lumen Craft build a song. It’s as if editing happens within the process of expression; not behind an event. There’s a natural ease though, in getting to the point, so nothing feels restricted or over cautious.

Electronic elements are the core of the structure, but they retain a breeziness, and openness that few artists achieve. Lyrical, and human expressions, despite their forthrightness, are kept subtle, low key, and nuanced. Big statements are dropped like feathers. And for all the art on display, there’s also a deeply approachable friendliness to this kind of pop, this kind of track that makes dancing easy; unforced. 

The accompanying video for ‘Stranger’ vibes well with the contents of the track. There’s an outward reaching aspect to the band’s live performance – but they’re in a domestic tenement playing out across a whole bunch of nocturnal indifference.

Of course, adding vibe, and not attempting to own a city is the only way to remain sane, humble, and real. There’s no misguided grandeur here that we see from other bands playing on rooftops, blasting out to win favor. No. Lumen Craft contain themselves well. They perform a track, concentrating only on the point they’re trying to reach – and the results drift out across the lights, and into darkness.

‘Stranger’ is an understated track that makes good measure of a Lumen Craft who will make sense of their roots by moving up, and through whatever comes next.



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