Lyrie And The Duckies – Campus Lust Song

There’s a twang to the guitar on this song by Lyrie and the Duckies. A twang that’s allowed to sit and vibrate for an unmistakable instant, leaving “Campus Lust Song” with a dangerous western quality, a feel of the open range where what you want can be yours if you enter the frontier spirit. Then, Lyris Faron’s voice breaks in, “You are my dreams materialized/ You are a love song in the flesh/ I think our bodies will fit real nice together.”

The song is a Valentine’s Day ode that is both risque and wholesome. It plays to the momentariness of infatuation, and the indie style college rock that “Campus Lust Song” stems from – a genre that lives through it’s fleeting nature. Be it meeting eyes with a stranger on a New York sidewalk or the warm feeling of a joke in the “science library,” everyone has felt the overwhelmingness of the ephemeral. Then suddenly, they walk “just right past” you, and it’s gone, all the hopes and dreams of the future produced by a singular second evaporate into the molecules that formed it. But, nonetheless, the feeling that anything could happen at any moment remains, even if it’s currently sardonic. “Campus Love Song” celebrates both the good and the bad, before slipping out of the world after just under three minutes.

Lyrie and the Duckies
You might recognize Lyris Faron from her other project T-Rextasy, where her distinctive voice makes up one-fifth of the New York-based band. But this is her own project, where she has been releasing songs since last autumn. As a digital single, “Campus Lust Song” comes with a postcard that can be sent to your momentary obsession – with whatever creepy message you like.

The postcard, seen above, is by Emily Doyle. We certainly recommend it as a Valentine’s Day treat that may be better than chocolate, but not better than chocolate covered almonds. Also feel free to send popbollocks some chocolate covered almonds.

For the celebration of fleeting lust, we give Lyrie and the Duckies’ “Campus Lust Song” 12 out of 14 sobbing heart emojis.

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