Majetic – Desert Wings

“I trust you, though all you do is lie.” Majetic sing-speaks the first line of his first new material since Club Dread. (there was ‘Clurb Dead’ – a sequence of remixes celebrating the album, but nothing quite like this.) And, oh boy are we pleased that Justin Majetich is back.

The focus of “Desert Wings” occupies a similar space to previous work. Kaleidoscopic meanings, and the facets of life that exist in two places at the same time. Paradox, textured interpretations and profound emotional intelligence are the distinguishing features of all of Majetic’s releases. And all of that is true here, but somehow deeper, somehow crisper.

Initially, there’s an approach to production that sounds like Majetich is moving himself away from the club adjacent sensibility of former work. Jazz keys work a spaced-out progression, a flutey sound, and easy percussive riffs. It’s all fresh air, baby. But then, the surreal waves wash over. Colored filters are placed over tracks, the treatments result in organic electronica. And the vocal track simply fucking soars, tenderly flying through the narrative.

A catalog of domestic scenes, bedsides, kitchens – the chambers we occupy through the daily business of being alive. These places are the backdrop to a relationship, and the dream of being touched, changed, and experienced by another.

Majetich makes good work of making a dream feel real and making reality feel like a dream. It’s hard to find an artist working today that oscillates between perspectives with such apparent ease and magic.

Y’know, we’re told that a good review of art or music will remain evergreen – but we should fuck that convention right now. As the world is in the grip of unprecedented events in which we are all paradoxically isolated and connected the work of Majetic seems all the more potent. The purity of heart, traveling through the tarnishing effects of the world – that is another key element always evidenced in Majetich’s work. And if one track feels like fresh air, untouched by toxins – “Desert Wings” is your pocket of breath. There may be panic and uncertainty, but not here. We need this.

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