Majetic – Lead Halo

“You crave the way your body shakes” sings Justin Majetich on ‘Lead Halo’ This is the latest release from Majetic’s album, Club Dread, a collection that has delivered a unique sequence of visuals.

Again, with ‘Lead Halo’ Majetic continues to build a very particular aesthetic. The artist adopts the shape of his container, and then plays with the regulations of form. In the studio he builds and dismantles audio tracks. He leads expectation toward a target before suddenly shifting direction – where he reveals more of the environment; exposing the interconnected truth of subjects. There’s a cubist sense to things – we see all angles in one vision. There’s a Jungian sense to things – Majetic plays with archetypes, and accesses the collective unconscious. Again – he seeks out, and celebrates the connections.  The same can be said of the artist’s approach to video.

Let’s go back to that line, “You crave the way your body shakes”. Majetic could be addressing his own, visceral experience. He could be addressing the cravings of another. Whatever the focus, there is a poetry that sacrifices all the scapegoats. We’re addressing the weakness that leads to weakness. The desire at the heart of an issue. Usually in pop this stuff of longing, broken emotions etc. etc. are built around the self. Majetic acknowledges his own sadness and longing, but it fits, exquisitely with a broader truth. This is about him, but it’s also about the conditions around him, and the joy-pain of all of us. All of this hurt – and our ambition to do good can feel futile. And yet it is essential. Phew. Well played, Majetic.

Jill Iscaro takes the director’s chair for the video here. She follows Majetic’s production design well, and enhances perspective with strong chops of color and sharp cuts. As the artist lifts himself from the wreckage of things a halo is toyed with. Hula hoop style. Don’t miss the horseshoe, or Majetic’s angelic hand-pose in the first frame. These details point beneath the shine. And the shine is beautiful too.

Expand to full stream. Crank up the volume.


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