Mandek Penha – A Village Story: Video Premiere

Direct from The Current Earthly Embodiment: “It’s Story-Time with Lord Mandek Penha! We took 8 children from the public and treated them to a fantastic tale of truth and bravery.”

Mandek Penha is here with the premiere of a video. ‘A Village Story’ is taken from the album called The Current Earthly Embodiment. The band, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has been called “The weirdest band in the world”. It may be true, perhaps Mandek Penha are the weirdest band in the world. But have you ever really listened to Coldplay?

Reducing the work of Mandek Penha to being just a band is a disservice to the entire augmented reality that has been created. Wait, let’s just clarify. There’s nothing wrong in being ‘just a band’, but Mandek Penha are not just a band. With an entire ideology, internal language, smart references, and self-mythology, Mandek Penha offers commentary on some of the weirder, darker, more wonderful preoccupations of the modern world. Check out Mandek Penha: The Truth About Sex, and you’ll experience a glimpse of the magnified horrors of living outside of the vision.

A visit to the website of Mandek Penha, reveals an origin story of sailors, esoteric practices of the far east, and a kind of hierarchical cultism that denies all charges of being a hierarchical cult. Naturally. If you’re going to replicate the cultism of cults with any degree of realism you’re going to need to deny any forms of cultism within your cult. This was an issue succinctly addressed in the Mandek Penha, Reptile Tile collaboration ‘We Are Not A Cult’

Initiates of Mandek Penha are called elders. They are ranked in accordance with how well they serve the vision of The Current Earthly Embodiment. It is the charge of the elders to follow guidance of their leader, and to dissolve all negative energy in the universe. That negative energy is the Hish’ry Cosh’ry. Of course.

In the most recent attempt to combat the Hish’ry Cosh’ry ‘Village Story’ does well in capturing the best of Mandek Penha, and the mission statement of the spiritual group’s compound/village.

We watch as The Current Earthly Embodiment shares the story of a Panda and Lizard. He reads to a congregation of youngsters. Youngsters too young to be wearing make-up are wearing make-up. Close-up shots of our narrator reveal eyes from within the mask. They glare in an unblinking smile. The creepiness here points at organized religion, and the commodification of kids, or those soft-of-brain who move amongst us. Panda and Lizard live in a place of peace and prosperity.

The success of the village is measured in terms of spiritual and economic acquisitions. Of course. The pyramid-selling sales pitch / religious world view is snared nicely. The Current Earthly Embodiment draws tears and laughter from the crowd. Get ‘em while they’re young.

In a world that feels like it’s moved beyond satire perhaps the project of Mandek Penha is the most sane exploration of cultism, authoritarianism, superstition, and exploitation in all of it’s forms. For a view into the world of Mandek Penha – expand to full screen and watch ‘A Village Story’. For a deeper understanding of the work, and to fight Hish’ry Cosh’ry – visit the website and sign up.

Weird? Maybe. Next level? Absolutely.




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