Maribou State (feat. Khruangbin) – Feel Good

Maribou State, have just shared a new track, “Feel Good” as a teaser for their new album, Kingdoms In Colour, which will be released on September 7th via Ninja Tune’s imprint, Counter Records.  The album, a follow-up to their debut, Portraits, promises further work with singer Holly Walker. However, the first track that we hear from the new sequence features Khruangbin the Houston-based trio known for providing lightness on the dance floor.

The sharing of a track with new collaborators is smart. The inclusion of Khruangbin in the introduction to new material shows that quality remains high, and it’s business as usual-unusual; new challenges, new tune. Focus here is on, well, feeling good. But wait. The sense of optimism that underpins the track isn’t as one-dimensional as the title may suggest.

There’s a sense of darkness that shimmers around the edges of melodic phrases. “Feel Good” arrives more as a note from a well-wisher, addressing a troubled friend. This isn’t a saccharine celebration. There’s a definite sense of issues that require negotiation There’s something to overcome before good times can be had.

The hookier elements of the track alternate between chopped-vocals, a guitar line, and a bass that doesn’t know where to quit. All aspects sound like a spotlight searching in darkness – shapes are found, discarded, and move ever-onwards. It’s great.  At the centre of “Feel Good” lies a beat that breaks and undulates across the tune. The result is a groove that’s hard to deny.

If this tune is an indication next direction of travel from Maribou State, then fans are in for good times. A string of dates across Europe summer will offer newcomers the opportunity to add the band to their ‘favorite surprise at a festival’ lists.





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