Matt Surfin’ And Friends – Get Down / Loser

Ahead of releasing their self-titled debut album Matt Surfin’ And Friends have delivered two little nuggets of perfection. Available via Community Records the tracks ‘Get Down’ and ‘Loser’ point at what’s coming on May 17.

Matt Surfin’ is the brainchild of New Orleans based artist Matt Seferian, who envisaged the project as being a loose collaboration – a revolving door of contributors and cohorts adding to a particular, unified vision. All evidence so far is that the approach has provided compelling results.

Produced with an eagerness to preserve intimacy, the two tracks balance dynamic and reflective aspects of Matt Surfin’. Drums are tempered down, vocals remain prominent in the mix, and the melodic bed breezes in. There’s an irony in the lack of forcefulness producing so much energy.

‘Get Down’ is the easier-sitting of the two tracks. Slow, deceptively simple, there are echos of songwriters like Hayden Desser. A reliance on the listener’s emotional intelligence means that nothing is spoon-fed, and what at first seems light of touch actually carries significant poetic weight. “Cos no one really likes the way they are” is a line of abject tragedy in a song which is so invitingly singable.

By contrast ‘Loser’ is more angular, more instantly barbed and ready to spike a party drink. Guitars jangle, drums drive, and Seferian raises his voice above the reflective. A spiraling effect takes rock into a psychedelic fringe. It’s great stuff. Lyrically, there is still space for self-awareness. Surfin’ describes that the sense of being a loser is something that’s inescapable, regardless of how well things are going in life. And it’s odd, because if someone else said that you’d be pissed at the self-pity. Matt Surfin’ tethers this sentiment to the sense of inclusion – an address of the imposter syndrome that we have all felt at one time or another. There’s a sadness, but no bleak misery. There’s an odd sense of community in a song that’s about isolation.

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