Mega Bog – Truth In The Wild

“It’s not good to want everything at once.” Handfuls of organic, unhurried wisdom, are scattered through, ‘Truth in the Wild’ the new track from Mega Bog.

Taken from upcoming album, Dolphine, which will be shared via Paradise of Bachelors on June 28, this track represents the tonal quality that is typical of Erin Elizabeth Birgy, working under the moniker Mega Bog – the always-surprising artist. Breezy and beautiful, there are aspects of pure pop shimmering across a weightier body. On the surface this is an inviting, optimistic track that appeals to the part of the ear that leans toward simplicity, pastel colors and pleasing riffs.

Deeper than that – beneath the cheeky woodblocks, jazz guitar and flautist perfections – there is a dark, bristling force. Nature is always beautiful, and in that beauty there is often a bunch of stuff like shit, violence, death. These are the aspects – “…Uncertainty, confusion, disruption..” that energize the narrator.

It is the truths discovered by observing the nature of ourselves, and then placing ourselves within nature, that Mega Bog explores. The excursion passes through a catalog of personal wants – the one I love, the sacred song inside us all – and it looks to the darkness, lurking at the perimeter of our vision.

Accompanying video is a hazy easy-on-the-eye sequence that nods toward a time when TV loved the musical performance. Ursula K. Le Guin is name-checked in the track. Visually she is referenced with a kind of sci-fi, magic-real undercurrent that informs the progress.

With a new home, Paradise of Bachelors, a label known to celebrate and nurture the more nuanced artist Mega Bog is primed to deliver one of the most exciting releases of the summer.


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