Mike Krol – What’s the Rhythm

“What’s the rhythm of my heart breaking?” asks Mike Krol on the aptly title track ‘What’s the Rhythm’. It’s a straightforward punk-y indie rock song that snarls and registers vocals in the red. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but it’s done so rarely now that it almost feels like a novelty. But there’s nothing cheap about a great hook, and that’s what Krol has here, and it, “goes on and on and on…”

Krol will release his fourth studio album, Power Chords, on January 25. It’s his first album since 2015’s Turkey. Between the two, he has found himself “in the midst of a full-blown existential crisis,” explained a presser. “He’d invested everything to create the rock-and-roll life he’d always wanted, but he wasn’t sure the life wanted him back.”

Over three years later, he’s back and digging into the type of “I don’t give a fuck if you’ve heard this one before” that has launched everyone from The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys to Andrew W.K. into the popular world. They had great hooks, and that might be what Krol has landed here.

Past the fuzzed out guitars and the on-point lyrical quandary, there is a true sadness in Krol. It’s the kind that comes from when a won’t-quit attitude has been pushed to the brink. Behind the confident image put forth in the accompanying video that shows the heroic moments of a singular musician pushing forward with his instruments, a laptop, a small room, and a plethora of button down shirts, there’s a feeling of a character who has been busy putting his broken pieces back together. Those lines are still visible, and it brings an uncharacteristic honesty to this style of sound.

“A killer song. A great performer. I wanted these elements to come together to create a pure extension of the song itself. We wanted to take things back to a more straightforward and, in all honesty, punk approach,” said Krol about the song’s accompanying music video. There are punk elements to its simplicity, but there is a glossy professional element that comes from it, one that shows how much Krol really does care about the life he has built for himself.

He may have had doubts. They may have created an honest sense of desperation in him. And that’s where great things come from.


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