mini bear – cyberlove

Way back in history when Boy George sang War, war is stupid, and people are stupid, and love means nothing.” he touched on something absurd, wonderful, and true. He served his kind of genius on a bed of synths, and the audience brought their own awareness to the depths he discovered.

Skip to the now, and in the tradition of simplicity-made-rich by synth-based sincerity, we have mini bear’s new track. “cyberlove” is out on New Professor Music, and it’s a magic little release.

mini bear – the brainchild of Los Angeles-based songwriter Lauren Kop – is a kitschy callback to those days of straight-from-the-box synth patterns. The warbling bass, and dampened tambourine of Madonna’s “Holiday” hung like guiding stars above “mind control”, mini bear’s 2016 EP. But this isn’t just some jaunty little expression designed to capitalize on nostaligia. There is amusement – there is fun – but there’s also something happening here.

“I can feel your soul / Come on baby let go / I can feel your soul / Come on baby let me go / I can feel your soul /  Come on baby let me know / Send me a sign and baby I will make you mine.” sings Kop. And there is an echo of the passion Madonna shared with the line “We need a holiday”. Every working person knows the depths of that simple line. The need for respite from a crushing regime. Well, that burning desire for otherness assumes a significant gravity in “cyberlove”. Who hasn’t felt the raging tide of emotion that demands someone else make the first gesture of love?

Kop explains that the track was borne from her immersion in the world of online and app-based dating. The world of swipe-culture is laid open. The craving for validation; the gamification of love. mini bear may not be singing for one person, she may be singing for many, as they cascade across her screen. Do any of these faces belong to the ‘one’?

With a music-nerdism that explores the limits and freedoms of analog synth, and the focus on dislocation brought about by the reliance on devices, mini bear acknowledges the restrictive aspects of modern culture. She plays with the most modern of traditions – synth driven pop – and she leans into a contemporized awareness of what fills the dance floor.

Just like Boy George at his best; digging into the core of a universal truth, mini bear cuts to the chase – and she does it with an incredible sense of fun and wonder. “cyberlove” is a little bit of genius.



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