Miss Grit – Running Slow

Miss Grit is the first artist other than Cigarettes After Sex to appear on their label, Spanish Prayers. That tells you something. Fans of Greg Gonzalez’s brainchild project will surely find something here, in Margaret Sohn’s brainchild project that will resonate. But wait. The continuity between these two artists is not sonic. Nothing here will instantly remind you of anything from over there. There’s an authenticity to the ethos of both projects that compliments and contrasts the other, in this imagine space called a ‘stable’.

Sohn’s EP, Talk Talk, released back in January, occupies a space unworried with what other debut artist’s are exploring. There is style, which may be fashionable – synths, melodic uplifts, bolero tempos – but fashion is not the focus of the experience. Instead, Miss Grit targets an otherworldly document of normal, intimate spaces.

Miss Grit’s new single, ‘Running Slow’, follows the trajectory set by Talk Talk. Toying with the surreal, presenting a dreamlike view of contradictory sensation and energy.

‘Running Slow’ feels, perhaps ironically, more driven than any of the material from Talk Talk. Energy is pumped by fuzz-toned guitars, the tempo is solid. If aspects of life were smoldering on the EP here they are fevered, almost perfectly so.

There are many reasons to think that Sohn – Miss Grit – will occupy these coming months, and years, with the activities required of an artist involved in creative exploration. ‘Running Slow’ lends weight to the gravity of that theory.


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