Miss World – I Wanna Be Like Madonna

Miss World (aka Natalie Chahal) shares a birthday with Madonna. So, on the iconic ladies cake day, (August 16) Chahal began work on a quick tribute song – a cover of Holly Cat’s ‘I Wanna Be Like Madonna’. And, being the mixed media artist that she is, she also rustled up a quick video – releasing both just five days after the celebrations.

Like Holly Cat’s 80’s-fuelled synth and drum machine bit of wizardry Miss World’s tribute to the icon is suitably trashy, suitably urgent, and deliciously camp. Extending beyond the heartfelt homage of Holly Cat’s original work Miss World adds a certain kind of street grit and sultry swagger, taking the tone a little higher – more enthusiastically karaoke.

The accompanying video is one of the most pleasingly ‘Miss World’ pieces that Chahal has made. Off the cuff, urgent, and full of ‘in the camera’ digital video effects, this thing shines like only Chahal can make things shine. It’s corroded, it’s glossy, it’s tinsel and tarnished. Cigarette lighters celebrate Hollywood, whilst Madonna dances her heart out, in a clip from the mid-80’s. Chahal wears a blonde wig. She sings into a hairbrush. She flicks the fringe. She poses. She pouts. She dips. She is fucking perfect.

Holly cat would surely be honored.

Madonna should consider a duet. Chahal surely has something appropriate in her catalog. Let’s have her people call our people.


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