Modern Nature – Footsteps

Modern Nature are preparing to release their debut album, How To Live, via Bella Union on August 23rd. The second single/video from the upcoming album is called ‘Footsteps’, and we’re going to talk about it for a bit.

There’s a human-scale to the perspectives shared in ‘Footsteps’ and previous release ‘Peradam’. Jack Cooper and Will Young (of BEAK>), the songwriters at the heart of this project clearly have an admiration of analog depictions of the other-worldly and off-kilter. There’s a pleasing dislocation to process in ‘Footsteps’ as we look at the external balance between city and country. The internal conflict between nature and nurture. We seek solitude but also something that connects us to a substantial, enduring reason.

Joining Cooper and Young are Rupert Gillet (cello), Aaron Neveu (drums) and Jeff Tobias (saxophone). Together these artists retain a very human-sized approach to the landscape. Driven with a cinematic sense of sound no one here overreaches, becomes indulgent; they keep focus locked in on the personal, the personable, and the private, inner worlds buffeted by the drive.

Accompanying visual is directed by Jake McGowan. There are references to English indie-house classics; Withnail and I…, Naked, Wish You Were Here, and the aquatic conclusion/beginning of The Life of Reginald Perrin. So, yeah – there’s also a lifebelt of dark humor that’s cast around the perimeter. McGowan honors the music well, and tonally magic happens.

Arresting, nuanced and bold. ‘Footsteps’ keeps good momentum toward that enticing release in August.



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