Molly Burch – Please Be Mine

Back in February, Molly Burch debuted her beautiful new album Please Be Mine, and now its title track has received a video.

“Please Be Mine” shoots shivers across your skin. You can feel your arms and head heavy as you lean forward into Burch’s cello voice. It’s the kind of haunting love song that reminds you of all the past choices you’ve had to make, but nonetheless regret.

Burch’s pleading call is enough to break down even the strong individual’s armor. Like the classic movies the singer-songwriter’s childhood was filled with while growing up in Los Angeles, she’s a shimmering character of the silver screen you can’t help but pull for, even if it was her who left before.

Molly Burch Please Be Mine

The ghost of a lover you thought had departed for good returning to pull on your heartstrings and beg for your love is the kind of plot line Hollywood dreams of, and director Jordan Moser does an elegant job of bringing it to the screen. Filled with bouquets, aging edifices, and a lonely spotlight, the video brings to life the lonesome character who only wishes to return to her lover’s arms. And despite the universally enough message, the visuals manage to stay ambiguous enough that it never comes off as too on the nose.

There is a wonderful vintage quality to the shots and it adds a timelessness to track’s narrative, which has no problem standing on its own. As the flowers fall on the final scene, you are left with a hopelessness that can not easily be restored.

“Please Be Mine” by Molly Burch is a tearjerker with all the appeal of a classic movie, and it’s video a well-crafted look inside a bleeding heart.

For its solemn beauty and heartbreaking sound, we give “Please Be Mine” 8 out of 9 broken heart valves that may again one day be restored.


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