Nana Grizol -TV Song

Nana Grizol is the brainchild of Theo Hilton. The band has a pedigree that’s pretty impressive; Robbie Cucchiaro (Music Tapes) Laura Carter (Elf Power, Orange Twin Records) Jared Gandy (Area Men, Witches), Matte Cathcart (Area Men, Door-Keys) all turn up and combine elements to produce something arresting, that carries flavors of other times and other projects but which is ultimately unique, and quite captivating. The band is preparing to release a new album called Ursa Minor… and it’s a very good record.

Themes across the album explore queer identity and capitalist aggression, they address political bullshittery, and possess a bookish devotion to academia – but guess what – this shit is danceable. So, on one hand you’re thinking “These songs are the product of a mind bigger than mine, and I’m not sure they’ll have time for me” but then in the next moment you’re thinking “Nah, fuck it. These songs taste of adult drinks and they’re happy to pull the rug back with anyone.”

Anyway – we’re here to talk about “TV Song” the first tune shared from the album. Theo Hilton should be commended for his delivery of a vision that’s punkish, yet refined, garagey but smooth. The enthusiasm that permeates this track is infectious; begging engagement on whatever level your comfortable with. Feel free to debate, to dance, or to simply sing along in your ’97 Honda Civic on the way to some shitty job that really isn’t a reflection of who you are.  Check out these lyrics:

“Some definitions of our difference, once invented, long maintained
now someone’s dying on a dancefloor, you can say that we’re the same
but it’s a lie…
War machines and power dreams and racist homophobic schemes
can’t orient themselves to give the people what they need
the ones who lived to lead our fights, the ones who died to gain our rights
the ones collected on your cutting floor shout

“TV Song” is an understated touch of magic – delivered with an approach to craft that we need to see more often. Blurring protest song with pop song with punk song with a healthy measure of humility Theo Hilton arrives at good art. Yeah, they have good art going on over at Nana Grizol, and you should get in on it.

We award Nana Grizol “TV SONG” 4.5 out of 5 strokes of a very wonderful mustache.


Image Credit: Sandra Rek

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