New Myths – Unbelievable

New York based New Myths have shared their cover of EMF’s classic ‘Unbelievable’. Dropping the tempo, grunging up the center, and smudging the urgency of the original, this new version manages to highlight the good whilst avoiding nostalgia. No easy accomplishment.

Brit Boras, Rosie Slater, and Marina Ross clearly have fun with the song, and yet there’s a kind of solemnity to their approach. Affection for the classic is evidenced.

Melodically, space is given to progressions. Vocally, lyrics lean in to the Shirley Manson end of the rock spectrum. The impish-boy exuberance of EMF is replaced with a depth of experience. This take is in no hurry to make its presence felt. It swells from the lower chakra and radiates from there. Slowly, knowingly – New Myths unpick the seams and strip back to the brilliance at the center.

When Boras delivers a verse she does so with a theatric smile in her tone. The guitar work cascades, finding more of a spiral progression than the original – and the mind goes to the shinier elements of goth; the ashen flavors of grunge.

There’s a seriousness to this track. A brooding energy that moves around the dance floor. We can’t say that it’s better than the original because New Myths rely on our relationship with the original to pour resonance in to the reimagined shape.

What we can say is – if you want your version of incredulity to be darker, deeper, and more adult…


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