Nick Zammuto – Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride

There is a feeling of distance covered rather than time lost on ‘Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride’ by Nick Zammuto. The two-minute-and-fourteen-second track cut from the We the Animals soundtrack, is a simple snapshot of the Upstate New York night sky, but it rings with the influence of setting. The locations of one’s upbringing imprints on their DNA. It guides their aesthetics and thought process before they even know they have them.

We the Animals premiered at Sundance earlier this year and is based on Justin Torres’s 2011 debut novel of the same.  It’s a semi-autobiographical, coming-of-age story loosely based on the author’s life growing up in Upstate New York. Nick Zammuto, most famously of The Books, created the soundtrack for the Jeremiah Zagar directed film.

The Books, the decade plus collaboration between Zammuto and Paul de Jong, began in New York City, but has long seemed equally influenced by rural settings. Their debut album, Thought for Food, was recorded across the United States, but was finalized in a hostel basement in North Carolina after Zammuto had hiked the Appalachian Trail. The duo’s work always had a collage-like feeling to it, where varied samples were stitched together into loose pop-esque arrangements. Perhaps this stemmed from the various locales from which inspiration struct them, or just the constantly changing and moving life of touring musicians.

‘Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride’ shows no signs of needlework. It is seamless as it grows continuously in scope. Moments twinkle in the track’s night sky setting, where notes ring out like distant stars and the whole world seems to shimmer and echo.

The visibility of stars and observable constellations say a lot about someone’s location. Staring up into the darkness can tell someone a lot about themselves. On ‘Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride’, Zammuto creates a harmonious vision of setting that details the We the Animals character’s lives, while also giving a glimpse inside himself.



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