No Swoon – Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up

‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up’ is the lead single from No Swoon’s self-titled debut album. This thing is a swooping track of noise, informed by the colors of post punk and arthouse rock. It’s scale is not small. However, there’s also something fleshy, confessional and connective at the center.

Released on Substitute Scene Records, there’s a lyrical sensitivity to the duo of Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestell-Patt that fits well with the artists in their stable. Emotional intelligence seems requisite for artists on this label, and it’s refreshing to experience independent spirit devoid of pretense or self-rarefied airs and graces. “I don’t know what’s my own, I don’t know what’s controlled” sings Abbott. She nails the sense that so many of us feel when facing the daunting enterprise of self-expression when surrounded by a cacophony of confusion and bullshit. It’s this humility at the core of things that shows the workings of No Swoon, a band that have developed their approach through live shows and putting in the hard-yards.

For all of the sensitivity in lyrical candor the confidence in vocal delivery is sound. No apologies, no whispers. Instrumentally the duo make no secret of ambition. The audacity of this thing is grand. We’ve already used the word ‘swooping’ once, but this track does just that. Like an airborne craft releasing its payload on preselected targets, the detonations call up the ghosts of the band’s heroes.

Elements of ‘Just Like Honey’ lean in a fuzzed-echo in production. Solidity comes from the driven tempo which calls back to early era Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The result is an infectious track that’s impossible to play just once.

No Swoon will be released via Substitute Scene Records on November 1 2019.


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