Nui Blanc – Strata EP

Alternating degrees of pressure are combined on Nui Blanc’s Strata EP. The Portuguese producer uses the six tracks to construct a portrait made of particles of incredible density, waves of intense light. He uses glitched beats, distortion, and oscillating synth beds to describe a string of natural phenomenon with an unnatural uneasiness.

Experimental EDM inhabits a difficult space. Willful excursions into weirdness can lead to a self-conscious obscurity – tracks can feel forcefully odd for the sake of being something other than usual. However, Nui Blanc tempers this string of oddities to produce a string of challenges, and pay-offs.

Polyphonic layers are toyed with throughout the sequence, and it’s these stacked-up sounds that give the EP it’s title. Bed after bed of sound are textured to produce a sound that’s stretched to it’s limit of balance. It’s here, at the tip of the reach that Nui Blanc achieves the best surprises.

Melodies come from one direction, but they never allow for complacent listening. Patterns don’t last long, and so progress is like a game of cups – tracking the movements to find where the treasure is carried.

Nui Blanc made his label debut on Perth Records at a party which also featured Tommy Cash, which makes absolute sense. There’s something of an evolutionary niche happening at that label. Vital to the times, yet speaking from a place of otherness that makes more sense than the mainstream.

Compelling stuff that sets expectation high.

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