Okay Kaya – Psych Ward

Okay Kaya will be making her label debut with Jagjaguwar on January 24. Her album, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself , is described in a press release as being akin to ‘Sade for nihilists’. Phewee, let’s think about that while we listen to “Psych Ward”, the album track that drops today with a video co-directed by Kaya and Adinah Dancyger.

Like previous releases from Kaya, “Psych Ward” is a lyrically direct address of a dark experience. “I am a very patient patient”, and list of other observations relayed like an assessment meeting. Nurturing compliments that carry an undercurrent of control are issued. You can peel an orange any way you like on a psych ward. There are a lot of arguments on a psych ward. Everyone’s view is validated on the psych ward.

Conventional weapons like slightly fuzzed guitars, regular kit drums, and steady bass work provide a deceptively simply melodic texture. But this is not simple. The track is sandwiched between a spoken word passage offering portrait of an unnamed ‘she’, and a kind of quasi-disco conclusion.

The video is pleasing on may levels, not least the stark lighting. The odd eye-contact and sticky-out tongue action between patients. Residents of the psych ward pass from mundane exercise routine to poll-dancing extravagances – and then tree blossoms and ocean-side drives.

With “Psych Ward” Okay Kaya has quietly asserted why she’s always worth listening to, whatever she’s doing. The new album is coming soon, and it’ll be worth attention too.



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