OMMA – Sol Pleureur

Moscow-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Olga Maximova, aka OMMA, has just dropped a new track and visual, called “Sol Pleureur”.  “Sol Pleureur” can be translated from French as “Weeping Ground”.  Of course, there are many plausible translations that consider the nuanced double-meanings of a title, but here OMMA makes things a little easier in signaling the direction she’d like you to read.

Instrumentally, the track feels like it wants to dance. There are beats, and there are phrases that place this release comfortably in the chill-out tent of any summer festival. Wistful, wandering, and untethered from typical EDM convention the track can also claim to have ambient influences. If not other-worldly, there is certainly a sense of longing for another time. Memories are misty, and the layers of sound that Maximova play with conjure a dreamy sense of recollection – if not clear pictures of the artists’ incentive.

The video piece, accompanying the track, is comprised of old VHS recordings of Maximova as a child. We see that music has always been there in her life. And so has nature, and family, and all the usual events of life. Of course, looking back on anything opens an audience to sentimentality, but somehow Maximova avoids the more insipid elements of reflection. There is humor, and humanity – the track relays less of an ideal and more of a document of the artist’s journey. We are carried into the now but experiencing the events and places of her childhood.

If the video leaves you asking more questions you should perhaps check out the clip of OMMA playing “Sol Pleureur” live, on a collection of fruit and plants. The written track is one element of the work, performance and delivery – the melting of content and form – are clearly integral to the artist’s world view.


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