Operator Music Band – Communicator 4

Yes. Operator Music Band have returned with a new video for their track “Communicator 4”. The song is lifted from their Coördination EP, which we danced to a whole bunch back in the dark times of December 2017.  In January we enjoyed the disquieting video for “Moto Komplete“, a gripping visual for a perfectly angular track from one of the most prolific bands we know.

Operator Music Band currently appear to be promoting hard work as a life-choice. It’s no surprise that they return with new material. What is encouraging is their continuing raising of the bar, and a deepening fascination of the details within each release.

As a track we’d previously pointed at “Communicator 4” is a highlight of the Coördination EP. Inhabiting a new, wider space, the song exposed Dara Hirsch as a vocalist whose measure brings a new standard to what the band can deliver. True, we had heard Hirsch sing before – but not like this. Clipped and close to purpose at one moment, she soons opens her range – not scaling the octaves or pretending to be Adele, (thank fuckery) but in the way she breathes and broadens pace. A song that sounds like it finds purpose through enquiry – where lyrical directions are set, then altered, “Communicator 4” also refines the possibility of what the band does best. Experimentation made accessible – all with one eye on the dance floor.

The video for “Communicator 4” serves a spectrum of visual approaches. Puppetry, cut-away box cubicles, and then some geometric animation that echoes the Puzzlephonics artwork dress the sequence. The groove is deep. When this thing hits pace it’s like a trip, and there are moments when you don’t want the visuals to stop. At the center, and across all surfaces, the attention to color-pallette is tonally perfect. Like the video for “Moto Komplete” there are elements of the subconscious being brought to the surface. It’s hard, sometimes, to extract a literal meaning from a video like this – but that doesn’t seem to matter. What matters here is the sense of progress, and the emotive direction of a band that opens possibility.

For all the visual innovation and instrumental structures that the band play with – it’s the subtle smiles in process (Jared Hiller – we’re watching you dance) that are so infectious. This is good times, and Operator Music Band want you in.

Oh – and the sundial is a masterstroke.




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