Operator Music Band – Moto Komplete

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were talking about how it wasn’t all that long ago since we’d heard fresh material from Operator Music Band. Now we’re at it again, because they’re at it again. This time though, things are different. “Moto Komplete”, the closing track from the band’s most recent release, the Coördination EP, has been given the visual treatment it deserves, and it was shared earlier in the week.

We’d previously talked about Moto Komplete as being a high point of the Coördination EPThere’s a quality about this track that speaks volumes to the quality of the band, and the driving ambitions of Jared Heller and Dara Hirsch. The obvious affection for Krautrock-of-Keyboards-Past hovers over the band, but there’s a modernity that shifts through the easy-to-pinpoint references. In art there’s a thorny subject that few artists negotiate well; and it’s that we can never doing anything without being aware of what’s gone before; we cannot escape the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.  Operator Music Band handle this issue with an awareness, but also with an ease of simply doing what they love. The posturing of genre, or echoes of what went before are acknowledged, but they’re never overbearing. Instead, this stuff feels affectionate. It feels warm. But in a good way.

The video for “Moto Komplete”, filmed by James Siewert, plays with the idea of tension and the craving for release. It plays with the haunting contortions of a man squirming, attempting to escape the situation – but he’s surrounded, literally, by the watchers of his pain. We are the watchers of his pain. What appears as a simple device in capturing this quasi-dance, delivers a complicated account of getting rid of things. The hypnotic, spiralling tune lives well above the visual, and the visual sucks from the music. And if you didn’t feel claustrophobic, disorientated, and ill-at-ease ahead of watching the clip, you certainly will do afterwards.

There’s an element of early David Lynch clips about the video. Not least because at the epicenter of tension there’s a weird release; someone, somewhere is making this stuff so you can watch it, and satisfy an aspect of your psyche that you don’t like to bring out and talk about too often. Once again Operator Music Band are proving why they’re one of the most compelling bands currently on the upswing.

For “Moto Komplete” we offer Operator Music Band sixteen fragments of shattered disco ball.




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