Operator Music Band – Slim Spin

Some weeks ago Operator Music Band released a couple of tracks – ‘Squaresoft’, and a cover of Portishead’s ‘Cowboys’. Now they return with a new tune from their upcoming album. The new tune is called ‘Slim Spin’ and the album, released via Broken Circles, will be called Duo Duo.

The tone, and trajectory set by 2017’s Puzzlephonics I & II is continued here, but with increased depth, and a fuller-bodied account of themselves. It’s not that Operator Music Band were ever short of confidence and ability. Here though there’s a deeper sense of belonging, rather than introduction to the timbre and topics that sit at the core of proceedings.

Covering Portishead’s ‘Cowboys’ was a pleasing surprise from the band, and it certainly signals an interest in the world of Geoff Barrow, who’s other band Beak> explore similar palette to that on display here. ‘Slim Spin’ shares a love of krautrock-like percussion, snagging guitar hooks that surprise with unusual melody – and minimal lyrics that suggest and allow room for imagination rather than make explicit something that’s better left to poetry.

For all the minimalism there is an affection for getting away with things beneath tight structures. A wealth of activity happens in the Geometric shapes once again feature in the visual aspect of Operator Music Band packaging – but the feeling is that the band are as interested in the atmospheric pressure around a thing – the numinous quality of an object – as they are in the precision explored in standards and measurements.

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