Others – Geist

Fine artist Daniel Martin Diaz and perfumist Lesli Wood have formed a musical collaboration called Others. Today Others have released a video for a track called ‘Geist’. It’s a thing of particular beauty. Let’s talk about it.

Instrumentally synthed strings and odd percussive strikes lay down a texture that’s both beautiful and uniquely disquieting. There is something beneath the texture that points to dread, but in the apprehension there is something other than fear. It’s a rare kind of sound that hurries nowhere, but lingers on sustained bass notes, pizzicato violins. Scraped strings. Is this avant-goth? Is this something else? Certainly the urgency of pop culture sits beneath something that leans toward high art.

Visually Others have shaped something like an early Lynchian flick of those student movies he made that explored symbols and scratched lenses. The view here is more hygienic, and in now way a pastiche of Lynch. Odd plastic film, bags, sheets, separate us from the sensual, but in doing so they become sensual. There’s an uneasiness. But also, again, there is a beauty to the light, the shapes, the slow and hesitant movements.

Others – Geist – is the best thing we’ve seen today, and in some time.

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